Self-control, Impulse Control, Anger Management

Zorro Project kids are the best! Every class emphasizes self-control, teaches the student to handle themselves in stressful situations and to diffuse misunderstandings in appropriate ways.

pirates! Kings! olympians! FFAF offers the 'Sport of kings' to all!

FFAF is a 501 c3 non-profit organization educating underprivileged youth in life and leadership skills through the sport of fencing! After-school!


Recognized in the local community

FFAF's Zorro Project Program works with the local school districts, the City of Mesa Recreation Center, SHAPE-UP USA to bring fencing to all! Click following links for more info!

Zorro Project teaches fencing to underprivileged students

​Eye on Mesa: Project Zorro



Zorro Project students are encouraged from Day 1 to accept challenges, be a good example for their classmates, take on and meet responsibilities , and lead by choice and example.



The Content of Our Character


FFAF develops the character of the individual toward academic success and to become contributing members of their community.

  • USFA Affiliate CLub
  • east Valley location
  • accredited coaches
  • safe sport
  • Semester long classes
  • after-school programs
  • all equipment provided