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Fencing is often referred to as ‘the sport of kings,’ Fencing for All Foundation (FFAF), a 501 (c) 3 corporation, would like to change that perception. FFAF was developed to introduce and educate children aged 8-18 years to the sport of fencing and its associated life skills in order to build character and leaders for the community as well as to develop strong national and international level fencers. In particular, FFAF will bring fencing to school age children whose families are designated as low income by the Department of Human Services who would otherwise not have an opportunity to learn about the sport.  

FFAF, in association with the Arizona Fencing Center (AFC)  has developed an after school program- the ‘Zorro Project’.  The primary goals of the program are:

  •  To develop youth leadership skills
  •  To develop quick and efficient decision making
  •  Help youth learn self-control
  •  Develop strategic and analytical thinking skills

Our Mission:

Fencing For All Foundation exists to educate the underserved youth of Arizona in life and leadership skills through the sport of fencing to develop the character of the individual by strengthening minds and bodies.

The Arizona Fencing Center is a Proud Sponsor of FFAF.

Follow this link to read more about The Zorro Project and 
see the program in action!

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